Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Europe is Headed Down the Chute ...

... and will take the Rest of the West with it  ....

EU warned of credit crunch threat, French banks hit --


Geithner warns EU of ‘catastrophic risk’ --

Richard Fernandez -- ‘Fear Is Coursing through the Corridors of Brussels’ --

Moody’s downgrades Italy’s debt rating --

The Telegraph:  World facing worst financial crisis in history, Bank of England Governor says --

The Telegraph:  An entire system of global trade is at risk --

Reuters - Berlin, Paris vow new crisis plan as global pressure builds --

MailOnline - (John) Major: This is our chance to win back power from the EU --

The Telegraph - German push for Greek default risks EMU-wide 'snowball' --

Reuters - G20 tells euro zone to fix debt crisis in eight days --

Reuters - European Banks Sink on Greek Vote Bombshell --

And now, The Death Rattle:
AFP - EU demands right to dictate national budgets --

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